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    This beautiful garden view pebble art with seaglass birds and leaves on the tree, with beautiful flowers and a ladybird on the gate. 

    A unique gift for any occasion. 


    Sea glass is a broken piece of glass that has been washed up on shore.  But it is not just any piece of broken glass. It takes at least thirty to forty years of tossing and tumbling in the ocean to turn a regular piece of glass into a piece of sea glass. Sea glass, from its years of scraping against sand and rocks, is frosty and smooth.  Jewel-like, sea glass is beautiful.

    Each little piece of sea glass has a story.  What was it before?  A vase?  A bottle?  A jar once filled with something?  Who owned it?  How old is it?  How did it end up in the ocean? Oftentimes, sea glass experts can come close to identifying what it use to be simply by its color (and occasionally other markings on it).  But no one will ever know its complete story.


    I love the mystery of the story behind each little piece of sea glass. You can own your very own mystery of your peices of seaglass. 



      Handmade upcycled pebble art lovingly put together to represent different themes. 

      All items that I make are slightly different due to using pebbles from my local area.  therefore your actual item may have slight variations to colour and shapes but will definately be unique to you.

      My current processing time for pebble art orders is 7 - 10 days 

      Frame comes in differant clours and see the colours in the photos. 

      Frame is a shabby chic affect.  

      Frame can only be wall hung. 


      If you have any concerns or questions about your item please do not hesitate to contact me via email -

      Please note that custom orders can not be returned. 

      14 days return policy from date of dispatch. The customer is responsible for the cost of return postage.

      Refund would be made once the returned item has been recieved and inspected. 

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